A collaborative analytics platform for marketing teams. HR teams. Operations teams. Finance teams. Health care teams. everyone.

Anyone and everyone can be data-driven with Rezza. Let Rezza's advanced statistical analysis automatically deliver critical insight. Easily create datasets, set specific metrics, reports and dashboards. No SQL required.  


Meet our products

We make data analytics products for marketing, sales, and data teams, connected on one platform.


AI for Analytics

Automatically analyze your data to find critical outliers and insights that help you make data-driven decisions.

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Data-driven Reports

Easily create custom reports that bring data to life and capture the most interesting parts of your data story.

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Powerful tools for powerful users

Everything your team needs to solve complex data problems faster with an integrated warehouse and data science toolset to satisfy even the most power of power users.



Centralized Database

Take the hassle out of connecting your data and simply drop it in Rezza Connect to create a central database.

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Data Science Tools

Looking to really get into your data? Great, Rezza Explore put data science at the center of it all.

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The Rezza Platform

All of our products work together in one place, powered by your data.