The Rezza Product for Automated Data Analysis

Instead of assembling dashboards, Rezza Analyze uses AI to analyze and inform you when something happens that you need to know about.Every data point, connected, analyzed, and distilled to show you the most important information within your data. Automate data analysis so you can get back to work.







Turn Data into Discovery

Rezza Analyze uses machine learning and AI to automatically analyze all of your data. Why spend time waiting for your data team to discover insights when Rezza Analyze automatically delivers them to you daily?


Insight Analysis

Rezza Report helps you turn data into meaningful metrics and KPIs that drive business. Quickly mix and connect datasets and make simple calculations to create custom metrics. No SQL required.

Understand each discovery

Present your analysis beautifully with 25+ point-and-click data visualization tools that turn data rows into impactful and interactive dashboards.

share and collaborate

Inspire a data-driven culture within your organization by sharing your analysis and insights on what works and what needs improvement.



Everything you need to turn insights into actions.


insight digest

See all of your insights in one simple daily insight dashboard.

Easy Sharing

Data insights can easily be shared and exported to your coworkers. 

Smart visualizations

Rezza uses smart-viz to automatically showcase your data for you.


Bring Rezza Analyze to your entire team and put your data to work.

analysis explained

Rezza walks you through the analysis and why each insight is important.


Rezza is accessible in the boardroom or on your mobile device.


Let the insights come to you!

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