Collaborative by Default

Rezza helps you get real work done, faster. With Rezza, everyone (yes, everyone) cam access to data insights that empower smarter business decisions. Collaboration is built into every aspect of Rezza, so it's easy for teams to connect, discuss, and reach actionable results all in one place. No more wasted time between dashboards, email chains, and task management tools.


Insights in you inbox

Rezza analyzes all of your data and automatically delivers critical data insights directly to your inbox.


Tag, Flag, and Follow up

Set reminders and filters that allow you to easily find what you need.

better Collaboration

Easily share insights and datasets with team members and get more done together.



Get alerts and always know what's happening with your data.



Add comments to data sets, queries, or insights so you never lose context.


Bring your entire team to Rezza and see what data collaboration can do for your business.